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As a company, we try our best to provide not only the best merchandise, but the best service as well. Here are some testimonials from our amazing bidders!


Amazing people, smooth pick up, I got there before my appointment time and they said they would start working on my order, both my daughter and my son in law are always getting good deals, keep up the great service hagglebids! -C.N.


I can’t get enough of hagglebids and I live almost 3 hours away. There has not been one Auction where I didnt want at least 75% of what they were offering. You got hagglebids…you’re sure to get hooked! -N.M.


I am a hagglebids addict Been buying here for years. Rarely am I disappointed in the quality. Most items are a great buy and are in mint condition. They have always been fair about returning damaged items as long as I do it immediately. A fun way to get cool stuff. -N.B.


I have had so much fun bidding and winning! I have saved at least twice as much as I have spent and have gotten some very nice items here. Everything from baby toys to furniture and all in between. You can’t lose here, you can only win! -M.V.